Gratitude Quilt Information for Recipients


Southern Eye Bank, the non-profit organization that provided your Corneal Transplant Tissue, invites recipients to participate in the making of our Gratitude Quilt.  Dedicated to the legacy of eye donors, each quilt square is a symbol of love and life.

Recipients, if they have not previously done so, may send a letter to their Donor’s family thanking them for their donation. After the letters are received by Southern Eye Bank, selections of the letters are copied and transposed onto fabric that is used for the Gratitude Quilt. The letters are then immediately forwarded to the Donor’s family.

The completed quilts will travel throughout Louisiana to help share the message of eye donation and the precious Gift-of-Sight.  Because not every Donor family received a “thank-you” letter, the Quilt brings much comfort to these families by reinforcing the fact that their loved one has made an incredible difference in the lives of others.

You may either mail your letter to Southern Eye Bank or email it to As soon as we receive enough letters to create a full quilt, volunteers will lovingly arrange and hand-piece the squares together.

There is no deadline to write a letter to your Donor’s family, as our quilt is never finished.  One seam is always left open to allow new families a chance to participate.

If you should choose to send a letter to your Donor’s family, Recipient Correspondence Guidelines are attached to this link.